fuck yeah lot lizards


Lesson about Punishers/ Lot Lizards for a refreshment!

To add on to this lesson:

Sidewalk Squirrel- Typically, on the younger side, standing on the sidewalk where all the buses are parked waiting for someone to come up to her. Typically jumping around, loud, and trying to make a scene to get noticed. (Not a threat, just an annoyance) 

Lot Lizard- A little bit more aggressive (you can read about in the link)

Asphalt Alligators- These are the girls that will lurk and wait for that moment when the band member/ crew is alone then ATTACK! These are the ones to be afraid of because they come out of know where and wait till the Tour Mom turns her back!

Gavel Gorillas- WATCH OUT! These are the WORST of the worst! They will just tackle a dude not caring about who is watching. They ignore all the queues from Tour Mom of “babe wanna go over honeymoon plans” or “dude your girlfriend is SO AWESOME… lets talk about her”. They are most likely going to attempt to fight other girls who are stepping in trying to talk to band member X even if its the Tour Mom. They are desperate and will charge! BEWARE OF THE GAVEL GORILLAS!!!!!

TOUR MOM- The preventer of all things “bad decision” unless given the queue from “sons” that it is ok. Be careful of the tour mom, they have quick wits, will always win in if a situation goes down and will throw down to defend sons honor just like in the wild!